Xylem Farm

About UsĀ 

Xylem Farms is a veteran owned 21-acre property located about 35 miles NE of Austin, Texas; in the famous rolling Blackland Prairies of Williamson County.

Historically the property was one of the first certified organic farms in Texas; acknowledged by the Texas Department of Agriculture, TDA and the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA.

Soil Health, regenerative, and sustainable farming highest priority.

16,000 thousand square feet of greenhouse space.

What is Xylem?

Xylem is defined as the vascular tissue in plants that guides water and dissolved minerals upward from the root into the leaves where the compounds can then interact with sunlight to produce sugars, and energy the plant needs.

We want to be the xylem to guide and educate smart, organic, sustainable farming from the darkness to the light.

Mission: Restoring the certified organic farm

Xylem Farms will lead with science to educate health and wellness through self-sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. Formulating a higher standard for future generations and creating a model that will improve quality of life through an organic lifestyle.

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