Xylem Farm

About Us 

Xylem Farms is a woman owned, veteran operated, 21-acre property located 35 miles NE of downtown Austin, TX; in the famous rolling Blackland Prairies, named after its mineral rich dark clay soil. Historically one of the first certified organic farms in Texas; acknowledged by the Texas Department of Agriculture, TDA & the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA. With 16,000 thousand square feet of greenhouse space. Xylem Farms will be one of the pioneers in the smart farming movement in central TX.

What is Xylem?

Xylem is defined as the vascular tissue in plants that guides water and dissolved minerals upward from the root into the leaves where the compounds can then interact with sunlight to produce sugars, and energy the plant needs.

We want to be the xylem to guide and educate smart, organic, sustainable farming from the darkness to the light.

Harvesting a plan to grow…

Mission: Restoring the certified organic farm

Xylem Farms mission is to provide a place for growth of all kinds. A collaboration space where ideas, science, & community can flourish.

Future Goals

Provide a space for workshops, events, art, photography, camp site

Clear & Prep the land via phytoremediation

Cultivate high yields of therapeutic plant compounds

Food forest

Chickens managing food forest & producing eggs

Create the platform for research & development

Renovate the over 100 year old farm house

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