Veterans Supporting Veterans


Educate smart, organic, sustainable practices while giving back to the farm to table community and bringing ourselves and Mother Earth to balance.

After separating from the Air Force in 2007 I missed the comradery the most. When you are all over the world, your fellow airmen become your family.

“During this time, and always, it’s imperative to have an outlet, a safe space, and a sense of comradery/family.” -CBD Genie

I am a proud veteran after serving 8 ½ honorable years in the United States Air Force. With the new mission that has gotten under my skin and into my heart. It’s a pleasure and dream to create a safe place for veterans and their families to educate the Endocannabinoid System, and the abundant uses of cannabis from seed, stalk, to flower.

With the land as a central hub between Ft Hood, Army base and Randolph plus Lackland Air Force bases I truly hope we can make a difference.

How Can You Support The Veteran Community?

Please email with subject “VSF Help” and attach members copy of DD Form 214 to plan a day to help out. No, it’s not mandatory to be a veteran to help. Please email your resume when you reach out, thank you.

It’s a place that is here for healing. Healing our earth and our souls!

Jason Walker

Sergeant First Class, Army retired

As a friend of 20+ years, I can attest to her love and commitment to her passions in life. Anita’s dedication to better the planet, the world, and all those around her is evident. Her dedication to veterans, research, and her mission is, and will continue to help so many.

Adrienne Rank

MSgt, Air Force retired

I love your idea because you are planting seeds of healing and hope. Allowing growth and renewal from the inside out for both self and earth.

Melissa Parker

Air Force Veteran

Growing, Healing and Revolutionizing the Earth one seed a day!

Angelique Avendano

Air Force Veteran

If CBD can be used responsibly and effectively in providing to our service men and women relief from the toll their bodies have taken in the name of defending this great country, then a serious discussion must be had to find a way to better provide to those that have sacrificed their lives and livelihoods in the name of freedom

Scott R. Zenner

Commander, Navy Reserves

Seeing what Xylem Farm has become since the week I spent working the land there last year leaves me without doubt that fellow Vets will feel renewed after a visit. Once it’s fully up-and-running, I believe the
resources there will bring relief to heroes looking for alternative means to ease their pain and suffering.

Thaddeus Cavanaugh

SMSgt, Air Force retired

Upon visiting Xylem Farm I was completely blown away by the mission and the vision Anita had for it, the community and veterans. As an Air Force active duty member and an educator in disaster
preparation, I believe education is vital. It is an enabling force for people to maintain and sustain a lifestyle that gives back to their communities, gives themselves balance and purpose. I love what Anita and team are doing and look forward with excitement to what the future holds.

Martha Mitchell

MSgt, Air Force Active Duty

Hard work is going to pay off, genius idea, and an awesome inviting place to experience.

Janie McAfee

Air Force Veteran

I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” “Now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be.

Wonder Woman

Mother Earth meets brotherly/sisterly love out here. Anita has had a vision for this land to nourish veterans from Go. And it does, body & soul. I could not recommend enough: gather a group of your fellow service men & women, and come to pour some love into this land together. You will leave replenished yourself. By helping this project grow, you are literally helping to feed the community around you. It’s a beautiful thing!

Toni Hurley

Air Force Veteran

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