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CBD Genie is a Cannabis Science Communicator with the mission to educate the biochemistry of cannabis in a fun, memorable, and comprehensive way. CBD Genie can empathetically reach out to veterans, medical professionals, patients, and scientists to find inspiration in Phytocannabinoid treatments as a traditional alternative to the standard medical model. Through CBD Genie, I aim to educate the world by sharing living testimonies of the healing powers of Cannabis and offering scientific evidence demonstrating its effectiveness.

Natural treatments for disease are growing in popularity as scientists test their worth. In fact, many of these treatments, including Cannabis, predate the medical model widely accepted today. As our research continues, the discovery of new cannabinoids will add new ways to approach old problems and provide effective and scientifically proven natural alternatives.

Your body is constantly seeking homeostasis, or, as I like to think of it, on an endless “Pursuit of Balance.” When your body gets out of balance, you experience disease. At CBD Genie, we look for ways to help your body rediscover its natural balance.

With hope and scientific integrity in one hand & humor and empathy in the other, CBD Genie is dedicated to public advocacy demonstrating the health benefits of Cannabis.

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